This page is an archive of iMAL's wiki that operated between 2012 and 2022. It documented projects, residencies and workshops mostly taking place at iMAL's Fablab.

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Connecting Cities Urban Media Lab

In the framework of the European project Connecting Cities : Participatory City 2014, iMAL organises an Urban Media Lab masterclass.

The workshop will be hands-on and geared towards producing working prototypes of projects ready to be shown in the city at the end. Participants are expected to be autonomous enough with development and/or electronics if any of those are involved in their project.

Your workshop leaders, Ali Momeni & Luciano Pinna will share their knowledge and experience with the participants. Luciano will in particular help with augmented reality projects and introduce participants to the Wizart AR CMS, an AR framework he developed with Sander Veenhof.

Finally, Veronika Pauser & Peter Holzkorn from Ars Electronica Futurelab will present their LinzerSchnitte project and guide interested participants in their first step with this FM-controllable module.

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