This page is an archive of iMAL's wiki that operated between 2012 and 2022. It documented projects, residencies and workshops mostly taking place at iMAL's Fablab.

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SuperForager is the belt that rumbles your tummy to alert you if there is food to forage nearby.

The project is being developed to explore the use of wearables to stimulate peoples curiosity towards their environment.

The belt is being developed by Sam Jones, Laura Pullig, Neil Winterburn & Tim Brunsden.

Throughout the iMal Urban Media Lab  we will be exploring how communication via wearables can be used to stimulate informal cooperative action by people super powers to communicate with each other and share foraging skills and knowledge.

We will be exploring the metaphor of food foraging super powers to engage people with foraging and to play with the idea that foraging knowledge is a kind of super sense that allows people to sense hidden treasures.

We are exploring the use of wearables to stimulate curiosity by alerting people to look around for available food.


Brussels Links

Weekly Air Bike hire -

Expat Brussels info site =


Tech Links

Breadboard for the haptic motor
haptic schematic.png

haptic breadboard.jpg


Scraping from Boskoi

Boskoi uses the open source crowd map service Ushadi


Notes from Joey

Hi Neil,
I won't attent friday, but I can tell you right now you can query the Boskoi database by using its public API.
For example if you want to see all the edibles around Amsterdam Central station,
you use the following API request:

I will explain the query parameter by parameter:
task=incidents (give us edibles as results)
by=latlon (we want to select by using a location)
longitude=4.9010083 (the starting location)
range=0.01 (the range around the lat and long, the query subtracts this value from the lat/long)

id=0 (starting id to search from, usefull if you only want newer edibles than id x)
limit=50 (maximum amounts of edibles to return)
resp=json (data is fed back either via json or xml)
I think thats all you need from the Boskoi database, if you have anymore questions, you have my email now ;)
Kind regards,
Joey van der Bie



3D Printing



Instructables Haptic Compass Belt

North paw - ankle based haptic compass


Boskoi & Wearables's use of Boskoi & Ushaldi to create a locative game


Urban Edibles - Designed Boskoi

Boskoi Augmented Foraging App for mobile


Wireframe Prototyping tools (mock up web apps)


SuperForager Colour Scheme


Grey/green -

Yellow -

Bright Green



Date: June 2014

Last updated: June 2014