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Samantha Jones


Samantha Jones is an artist, co-producer, researcherand Pie Ambassador . She has a Masters in Multimedia Arts and is in the final year of her LJMU Liverpool John Moores University collaborative PhD scholarship with the Liverpool Biennial. This PhD research entails four years of embedded co-produced research of the Homebaked project, examining the role the Liverpool Biennial, artist Jeanne van Heeswjk and the local community within cultural and economic regeneration of the neighbourhood of Anfield and city of Liverpool. She has written and presented internationally on this subject, receiving the scholar award from 'The Art in Society'. Samantha developed and programmed the mediation programme for the Liverpool Biennial International Festival 2010, commissioning established and emergent artists to develop participatory processes in which the festival, artworks and the city where mediated to international, national and local audiences. Samantha researchers and creates counter public spheres through the co-production of alternative platforms for public discourse and pedagogy. She established Hospitable Discords, a virtually networked platform that presents models of discourse and pedagogy, hosting a critically timed discourse between Syrian and Greek artists and curators within the multi-nodal counter-public sphere of three temporary art schools; AllArtNow ‘Studio 1′ Damascus, Liverpool School of Art and Design’s ‘Mobile Art School Athens’ and Athens Biennial ‘Public Art School’ during the Athens biennial to explore culture in countries political crisis. Samantha has lectured in academic institutions such as LJMU and Leeds College of Art and Design and was supported by the Wellcome Trust for a three year educational research project where she was led co-research on the impact on sound on the human body with FACT (Foundation for Arts and Creative Technology). She has also exhibited in such festivals Split New Media Festival, with solo and group exhibitions and residencies in the UK, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. She is currently working on Superforager a haptic belt and app that directs the user to sites of wild food with Laura Pullig and Neil Winterburn and the social enterprise CHEFtech to share open source kits diesigned by the SuperForagers