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Polina Zioga

Polina Zioga (based in Glasgow, UK, born in Athens, Greece) is a multimedia visual artist and currently a PhD Ft Research Student at the Digital Design Studio of The Glasgow School of Art (UK), working with digital technologies and new media, creating prints, videos, installations and live audiovisual performances.

Through her current research she is investigating the use of brain-computer interfaces, aiming at developing applications in the context of interdisciplinary audio-visual art-projects and performances.
At the same time central issues of her artistic practice are corporeality through personal experience and autobiographical references, the reversal and the concepts of metamorphosis, soul, time and decay, drawing a course from the inside/personal to the outside/collective.

Polina is also a member and participate in national and international organizations and platforms for the visual and new media arts (Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, ArtUP! Digital Collection of the Goethe-Instituts in Ankara, Athens and Sofia, Northern Video Art Network, NOVA) and she works as a visual arts and animation instructor. Since 2004 her work is being presented internationally in art exhibitions, video-art and film festivals and international video-art programs, while she gives artist talks and lectures on the use of new media in art.

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