This page is an archive of iMAL's wiki that operated between 2012 and 2022. It documented projects, residencies and workshops mostly taking place at iMAL's Fablab.

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Resources for an art gallery

Here are some Open Source tools that can help you in an Art Gallery.

In a Art Center like iMAL , we need a lot of video players that can play different contents. Here are some systems based on a small computer : the Rapsberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi has a limited computational resources, each of the following system focus on a specific task that use the maximum of resources. You'll have to choose carefully the system based on the limitation and your needs.

  • Screenly is a multifunctional system, it can display either video, pictures and webpages.
  • VideoLooper is more specialised, it's only for video. It manages subtitles and audio languages.

We have several Screenly systems installed on projectors suspended from the ceiling permanently. We change the content of the projection by remote connection, for example the title and credit of the exhibition. Another one display our next events on a slideshow base.

Others are installed at the back of the computer's monitor so we can place them quickly where we want. We can display in our Showcase place several videos with audio and subtitles. We installed headphones for the audio content.

The Witty Pi Hat, is a piece of electronic that add functionality related to time, startup and shutdown.


It's a quick useful project to install the Raspberry Pi directly at the back of a computer monitor. VESA is a standard mounting system for monitors. Explanation. The Mechanical Drawings of the Raspberry Pi is there....

Howtos & Resources

A cheap Digital signage system based on a Raspberry Pi : Screenly. Link to the open source edition, with installation and setup instruction. The system creates a managing webpage where you can upload the content fro...
Raspberry Pi Video Looper  Adafruit develop a useful script. It looks the content of a folder and play it in a loop way. How to install How to configure  ...
Witty Pi Hat It's a hat that you insert on your raspberry Pi. It adds several functions : a clean shutdown and startup physical button It keeps the time with an external RTC clock (with is own power) It enables the ...