ReplicatorG first time setup

There should be a dedicated computer in the FabLab with all the softwares installed to operate the MakerBot. But if you ever needed to install everything on an another computer...

This is for iMAL's Makerbot Thing-O-Matic with its MK6 extruder (0.5mm noozle)!

  1. Make sure the Makerbot is unplugged
  2. Download & install ReplicatorG : (Windows users might need to install Python in addition)
  3. Connect the Makerbot - on Windows you'll go through the whole "installing drivers" thing (ignore all the "drivers not signed" drama)
  4. Launch ReplicatorG, it should show as connected

    if not, rescan the ports (Machine -> Connection)... if it really doesn't work, try rebooting
  5. You'll need to select the machine type : it's Thing-O-Matic with HBP (heated build platform - as opposed to the automatic one with a conveyor belt) with MK6 extruder
  6. In GCode -> GCode Generator, select Skeinforge 035 (it's the one compatible with our model)
  7. Load a STL to test
  8. in GCode -> Generate, first load the default values for our MakerBot - MK6 Default (0.5 noozle)
  9. Select the plastic you're going to use
  10. In Settings, here's an example of typical settings that work

    .34 is the minimum layer heigh we can use... so far we mostly used .35, I'm not making my tests using .34.. we'll see [Yannick]

That's all, you should be ready to use your MakerBot... if something's still wrong, maybe it's the calibration?


Difficulty: 2/5


Last updated: 9 years ago