Calibrating the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic

The machine should be calibrated, the calibration data are saved in the machine. You can view them in GCode through:

Machine -> OnBoard Preferences -> Homing

Current working values for iMAL's Thing-O-Matic :

X home offset (mm) : -54.281

Y home offset (mm) : -56.448

Z home offset (mm) : 97.35

The most critical value is the Z offset, which tell how close to the surface the Makerbot will start printing.



If for some reason you need to calibrate:

Calibrate phase (to do after powering up, every day you use it)

(the toolhead should be cold, clean without any drop of plastic)

Open Control Panel window

 - using the x,y control buttons, move the platform center under the extruder;
 - using the z control button, set the z (extruder height) about 1 cm above platform
- Disable the stepper Motor Controls

- turn manually the z axis screw so that the extruder head touches the platform (but without pressing)

 Close Control Panel window

 Now save the calibration coordinates in the software:

      Open the script file : File>Scripts>Thing-O-Matric calibration
and Run it.

 At the end, it should display: Coordinates are saved!



Difficulty: 1/5


Last updated: 9 years ago