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Formech 508FS

Formech 508FS is a vacuum forming device. You can create mold or final product with a wide variety of plastics. Those plasitcs have differents propriety : light, translucid, water-reistant, food compliant...

In French, a nice tutorial:



Material size must be 508 x 457mm, thickness up to 6mm.

The baseboard size is 482mm on 432mm. The maximum depth of draw is 290mm.

Available material at our FabLab
  • PVC white (1mm)
  • PVC grey (1mm)
  • PET-G clear (1mm), for the exact composition look at the end of this document
  • HIPS in black and colours (1mm) , called "colormix"  (limited quantity)
  • Plexiglas white opalin 38% (2mm)

Cet équipement a été acquis dans le cadre de notre programme CASTII soutenu par Feder



Difficulty: 1/5


Last updated: August 2020