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22, student at ERG in Brussels


Etudiante atelier Pluridisciplinaire Académie des Arts visuels de Molenbeek
Digital art student at ERG.
François Zajéga est un artiste programmeur vivant et codant à Bruxelles. Après une formation d'infographie, une formation de dessin, une carrière professionnelle de web-designer/...
Hello ! I'm a student in Graphic Design at Francisco Ferrer and I share my experience on my training.
studen in Francisco ferrer, Technology in infographics
Je suis  infographiste à la haute ecole francisco ferrer
Etudiante en dernière année en infographie section 3D-Vidéo à la Haute école Francisco Ferrer.
Etudiante en Dernière année d'infographie à la Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer.
If something's not working on this website, I'm probably the one to blame. Your browser does not support the audio element.
Nicolas Le Beuan Bénic captures all marvellous ordinary moments in visual art where nature are his main source of inspiration. He likes to discover the essence of the structure...
Hello! I'm Aurore Lambilliotte, or Mikomi Hokina (Artist name).I live in Brussels, love animation, 3D, drawing, piano, video games, and... actually a lot of other things!...
All round bungler  artist. SKILLSAdobe creative suit, Indesign, Photoshop, AI, Flexisign,Organising events, Painting, Sculpting, 3D crafts,Plotting, Printing, Wrapping....
Hello !I am in charge of the cultural mediation and animation for the CASTII project ( Centre arts sciences technologies innovation et inclusion) and I am happy to work for the L....