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Computational designer/artist based in Ghent, Belgium.


maxmsp, openframeworks, arduino, tetris
I'm a software developer who recently started to explore the "makers" world, Open Hardware, and RC electronics
I'm a designer & sometimes a robot ...
Hybrid Artist of the International scene, Pascale plays with tangible and virtual medias, science and history to address issues of identity. She combines and distorts practices...
Professeur à l'erg, éditeur et dessinateur.
Architects/participating in Generator x 3.0 "from code to atoms"
Generator.x 3.0 : Participant. Media Artist, Producing Director, Lecturer and Independent Researcher.
Hans Verhaegen plays with computers to produce things called art. He likes wet paint, dry pencil, voodoo coding  in Flash or Processing and watching green birds speeding...