Railsticks // WLS_08_M_1SNOQLC

"Building block that interfaces on the C-rail to hold boxes fitted with box-edges and other wall-fonfigurations"

  • Catagorie: Building Block
  • Material: Multiplex 18mm, Steel
  • Process: CNC-Milling
  • Software: Onshape, Estl Cam, Kay
  • Part: T-nut, Cap-Screw, Washers
  • Dimension:  H87,44 mm x L297,57 mm X D18 mm

These rail sticks generate the interface geometry to place boxes, fitted with box-edges, into the wall-system. One rail stick can hold the 2 sides of 2 separate box edges, taking into account some play. The depth is based on A4-paper while the thickness is kept to the standard panels in wood of 18mm. The position of the interface is based on a common (thus cheaper) length in m6 HEX Socket Cap bold of 30mm. Washer provide the necessary contact surfaces and distribution of forces. The interface has high reuse potential for other projects. An 8mm endmill-bit can generate the pockets in one pass(/depth increment). The shape is chosen so that a standard allen wrench/ Hex key can be used to tighten the bolt.




Date: May 2017 - November 2019

Last updated: 31 weeks ago