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This is what we want to achieve by simplifying the mesh.  It take a STL file in input, take the biggest heap of triangles, smooth it and decimate it.


What you need

  • A STL file
  • Python + VTK (it's very convinient to use the package they have on their website: (linux, windows and mac version are available)
  • The SimplifyMeshBlackBox script. you can dowload it from here  
  • Netfab (or another STL viewer)

How to use it 

  • Unzip the scripts in a folder on your local disk
  • start a command prompt in that folder
  • Type simplifyMesh [PathToYourSTL].
  • You have a smooth and deiimated model.

Troubleshooting... Tips and tricks

  • You'll probably have to update the paths in the bat file. 
  • You can create a shortcut to the bat file. That way, you can drag'n'drop STL file on it to start the decimation process.



Difficulty: ●●○○○


Last updated: June 2012