Tobias Sternberg

I am a visual artist focused on sculpture and installation. My work tends towards concepts while still keeping firmly grounded in craft and skill. I work with a large range of materials and techniques, often involving everyday objects and designs into my ideas. One of my more ambitious projects, which I have performed at a couple of different art institutions, is The Temporary Art Repair Shop, which is documented on my blog In this project I receive broken objects from visitors to the galleries where I work, and then use my skills to transform them into artworks. The goal is not to repair the objects, but rather to fix the problem by turning them into something else, in that the object itself, the fault it suffers and my solution together form a narrative that is told between myself and the visitor.

I was born in Stockholm, studied in London and live in Berlin since 7 years. My purpose in visiting iMal is to learn and research in preparartion for possible future collaborations.


Tobias Sternberg

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