Witty Pi Hat

Witty Pi Hat

It's a hat that you insert on your raspberry Pi. It adds several functions :

  • a clean shutdown and startup physical button
  • It keeps the time with an external RTC clock (with is own power)
  • It enables the system to startups or shutdown at a precise time.

It's useful in our case for the gallery. We can have multiple art installations and program them to startup 10 minutes before the opening hours and to shutdown 10 minutes after the closing hours.

In complex showcase or exhibition, you are sure that you don't forget to startups an element.


The user manual is well documented.

The install script is on Github.

If you use other GPIOs, like another hat or your own physical computing, you have to be aware that the Witty Pi Hat use GPIO 4, 17, 2 (SDA 1), 3 (SCL 1), 14 (TXD ).

For the startup/shutdown button, you can wire your own physical button.



Difficulty: 1/5


Last updated: 3 weeks ago