Flight Memorial

Flight Memorial de Stéphanie Roland, réalisé au fablab en 2016 et exposé au Kikk édition 2016

Flight Memorial, a video projection on Plexiglas, stems from the combination of two antagonistic elements. In this installation, Stéphanie Roland questions the concept of stability and seeks to understand the meaning that lies within the building of a home. As a response, she has piled up architecture plans of houses, which are laser engraved in transparent Plexiglas. A projection of movie credits goes through the sculpture formed by the empty spaces of the cuttings. Or perhaps that projection might actually be based on an aviation blacklist? Whichever it may be, the mysterious halo that appears as a result is bound to keep you looking for a while. 

Produit avec le soutien de 3 Fablabs :

  • Fablab.iMAL, Brussels
  • Nida Art Colony, Lituanie
  • Trakk, Namur



FabLab residency

Date: January 2017

Last updated: 36 weeks ago