This page is an archive of iMAL's wiki that operated between 2012 and 2022. It documented projects, residencies and workshops mostly taking place at iMAL's Fablab.

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Mobile Apps Dev workshop with openFrameworks

openFrameworks is an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding. It has been created by artists for creative people to ease the development of C++ applications for multiple platforms (from desktop to mobile devices on iOS or Android) while giving access to the full power and efficiency of the underlying OS and hardware.

This workshop is intended for development of mobile applications with OF using the features of typical mobile devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet) : touchscreen, embedded sensors (gps, accelerometers,...) and the networks (wifi, 3g).

The target audience is creative people (developers, artists, engineers, hybrid,...) with previous experience in script programming (processing, actionscript, javascript,...), but not especially C++.

This workshop will focus on mobile apps both for Android and iOS platforms. It follows theopenFrameworks masterclass we did in 2009 with Zach Lieberman, Theo Watson and Arturo Castro. All seats were booked in a few days... so don't miss this opportunity!


Howtos & Resources

... if your application saves for example images or text files that you'd like to get out of your iOS device.   First, as a reminder, that's how you typically write a local file in OpenFrameworks:...
In the workshop page, I've added a class and example to get swipe recognition in iOS using the native GestureRecognizers. It takes ofxGestureRecognizer as a starting pointHere are the instructions 1. put the ofx...