Electric Saturdays

Introduction to Physical Computing - Arduino

These sessions are an introduction to "Physical computing" or how to create a digital object that can interact with its close or remote environment. We will also explore the connection with a computer, thus allowing it to interface with the "physical world".

The workshops are based on Arduino, an electronic assembly circuit with a programmable micro-processor, widely used by Do It Yourself communities .

During training, Arduino will be presented first as producer of events (light, sound, motors), then as sensor. The connection with the computer, to which Arduino can be its "physical" extension will also be discussed.

Participants will have testing kits including an Arduino and basic electronic components, some pre-assembled in order to create quickly and with minimum knowledge small autonomous devices.

Some accessories produced with FabLab.iMAL's laser cutter will complete this kit, allowing the production of small concrete objects, beyond technical experimentation. 

(Arduino illustration from http://www.flickr.com/photos/mbanzi/188146320/)