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Silhouette Cameo 3

Vinyl Cutter

The Silhouette Cameo 3 is a vinyle cutter. It's one of the most easy hardware/software device. It cuts vinyle but you can experiment with other material.


Maximum cutting area with the transfer system : 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm

Maximum cutting area with a roll : 30.5 cm x 300 cm (500cm to be tested)

Maximum Media Thickness : 2 mm

Maximum Cutting Force : 210 gf

  • Pen holder
  • Pack of 24 stylos
  • 2mm blade
  • AutoBlade
  • Fabric Blade
  • Some specific tools : scraper, hook, spatula,...

Silhouette studio :


Save your file in dxf and open it in Silhouette Studio. You can here resize your design, even drawing directly in the software:

1. When it's done, clic on "Send" (Envoyer in French) in upper-right to have access to the cutting part.

You have sereral options depending if you want to cut or draw.

Here's my settings:
Material: Glossy vinyl.
Action: Cut.
Tool: Automatic blade.

2. Next you choose blade settings:

The graphic "1,2,3 etc" roll is to select profile. "Vitesse" (Speed) is set by default on 5, Force on 10. You can choose the number of passes.

8. I tried with those values (Speed 5, Force 10). I put a goldy vinyl in the machine. It's very simple machine but you have to block the vinyl or....

But it's actually cutting!

3. I blocked the sheet and at the end I managed to cut it right:


Cet équipement a été acquis dans le cadre de notre programme CASTII soutenu par Feder



Difficulty: 1/5


Last updated: September 2018