Machines States

This page is showing the state of each machine.

/!\ We have some troubles those times due to the new managers team, sorry for that.
When machines are in Maintenance, feel free to try to fix it.

3D Printers
Ultimaker 2+: Working
Ultimaker 2 Go: Working
Stacker 2: Maintenance.
Mendel90: Working, but you have to correct Z zero
MicroDelta: Working
Markforged: Working

High-Z S-72 (small one): A new controller arrive soon.
CNC Router ML2512 (big one): Not in service due to the work in the building, coming back in 1 year.
Pocket NC 5 axis: Working, never used, feel free to try it.

Cyborg: Working

Other machines
Vinyl cutter, Silhouette Cameo 3: Working
Vacuum forming device, Formech 508FS: Working note that some fumes can be produce by the machine because of past problems. Open the windows!



Difficulty: 1/5


Last updated: 16 weeks ago