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FabLab.iMAL's Form 1 +

The Form 1+ from Formlabs is an affordable stereolithography (SLA) 3D printer.

It's using a special, photosensitive liquid resin that turns solid when hit by a laser. This allows for much more precise details than Fused Filament Fabrication (Makerbot/Ultimaker). 

- Printing properties

Build Volume: 125 x 125 x 165 mm
Min Feature Size: 0.3 mm
Min Layer Thickness: 0.025 mm

- Resin properties

 Clear Resin MSDS (PDF)
  White Resin MSDS (PDF)
 Grey Resin MSDS (PDF)
 Black Resin MSDS (PDF)
 Castable Resin MSDS (PDF)
 Flexible Resin MSDS (PDF

- Conditions of use at the fablab:

The photosensitive resin is more expensive than PLA/ABS! FabLab.iMAL members will pay 0,60€ per ml of resin used. How do you know the volume of resin a print will use? In the printer software, go to Toggle Info Bar. This will display the Job Volume in the bottom of the screen!

Before using the printer for the first time, fablab member’s need to get familiarized with all the care instructions to operate this machine. He must read (1 hour approx) carefully and follow the instructions given by formlabs in this website 

Finally, to work with the printer, each fablab member must have his own tank. He can buy it directly from formlabs or buy it at the lab for 65€. This must encourage members to take care and to follow all the steps needed to operate the machine properly.





Difficulty: 4/5

Last updated: January 2015