Consumables prices

Prix des consommables Mai 2020:
Prijs van verbruiksartikelen Mei 2020:
Consumables prices May 2020:

Merci de remplir votre fiche de facturation personnel en ligne à chaque fois que vous utilisez du matériel du fablab.
Vul uw persoonlijk online formulier in telkens wanneer u fablab-apparatuur gebruikt.
Please complete your personal online form each time you use fablab equipment.

Laser cutter:
Based on the time shown at the end of the cut:
0,25€/min - 15€/hr

Bois/Hout/Wood (laser or CNC):
3mm Poplar 700x400mm: 4€
3mm Birch 1000x800mm: 10€

6mm Poplar 700x400mm: 8€
6mm Birch 1000x800mm: 20€

18mm WBP 2500x1220mm: 50€

3D print
Plastic filaments ABS/PLA/PET: 0,08€ /g (models are weighted after printing)

Metallic filaments: 0,10€ /g : Brass, Copper, Bronze, Steel

Composit filaments (MarkForged)
0,35€ / CM3 Nylon (based on software estimate)
2,50€ / CM3 Fibre de verre (based on software estimate)

Vinyl cutter
3,50€ / metre of vinyl
0,70€ / metre of transfert film

sheets of 508*457mm

Vivak, co-polyester  - clear: 3.50 €
PVC - grey: 5.00 €
PVC - white: 6.00 €
Couleurs - mix 4.50 € (limited stock)
Plexiglas white opalin 38% (2mm): 9.00€

You can also bring your own material

photo © Eline Willaert




Difficulty: 1/5


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