Wall Panel Brackets // WLS_00_M_1P9GLN

"Bracket that is the interface between one c-rail and the corners of 4 wall-panels "

  • Category: Building blocks
  • Materials: Multiplex 3.6mm or 3mm PMMA
  • Process: Laser Cutting
  • Cycle Time: --prts/h (--prts in --hours)
  • Software: Onshape, Inkscape
  • Dimensions: H115 mm x L100mm X D12.1mm

To accommodate removable wall panels as well as “Railsticks” on one and the same C-rail
A bracket is needed to facilitate the attachment of 4-corners of 4 different panels.
This prevents the need of having to place 3 C-rails next to each other.

Besides the fact that this product can be produced and stored as a “flatpack” thanks to the intelligent use of “nesting” the shapes for optimal lazercutting; this bracket replicates the same geometry needed to work with the T-Nuts that are compatible with the C-rail they are placed upon. The use of 0.5mm gaps in the cutting g trajectory makes it possible to store these brackets as a flatpack. Only at the moment they are used the “lips” can be easily pressed out and press fitted (no glue) into the designated holes. 

The dimensions of this bracket are the result of considering:   

  • the total width of 3 C-rails next to each other
  • the pitch and pattern of the holes at the back of the C-profile
  • the thickness of the rail sticks
  • the width of the T-nuts
  • the diameter of our smallest endmill (1/8”)





Date: August 2018 - April 2020

Last updated: 15 weeks ago