Tangible Synth

The Tangible Synth is a concept for a fully open source (hardware and software) tangible synthesiser which is easily reproduced for a low price in a FabLab and as such accessible to all. 


Whilst there are several existing concepts for open source tangible synthesisers, these concepts are stymied by the use of either 'heavy systems', closed source softeware and hardware, or often both of these problems. The Tangible Synth has for intention to resolve these failings and as such to create the perfect 'feedbacl loop' betweek maker and consumer, democratising the fabrication of tangible synthesis interfaces. 


This project is created in residence at FabLab.iMAL by Thomas Desai over the course of May 2019.



FabLab residency

Date: May 2019

Last updated: 3 years ago