Soldering Fume Extractor

You should avoid to breath the soldering's fume with my Soldering Fume Extractor. It's convenient and easy to move.

You need :

  • 2 fans : 12cm computer fan
  • a 12V power
  • some screw
  • 2 laser cutted sheet

My model look like this

You can customize the laser cutted sheet

you need to align the fans

you can then screw one face

Then screw the other

This model stand by itself

You can directly connect the fan to the power, there is no special electronic. But you can build some fan speed adjustment system.

Put it close to your soldering iron

You'll see the fume going directly in the extractor.


Beware, this is only to avoid direct breathing, if you are in a closed room, you still breath it...



Date: November 2012

Last updated: 9 years ago