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Small city

by Wee

Started with some monumental structure and simple form. And bring more complicated form (Eiffel Tower) to develop the interface skill and knowledge about 3D printing. And now I’m printing the small city composed of monumental architectures in the world that we can all in it. I enjoyed a little bit with the size of those structures to make some ironic sense between each other. I was the kind of person who disliked virtual art and denied numeric art. But this week, I just found another interesting process and beautiful satisfaction from some machines.

Like all the other projects, whatever it’s numeric or artisanal, the process is always fabulous. You can see it in the planning that the 3D printer is making. That is some basement. It seems like it is making the floor plan and the building at the same time. For sure it starts with the plan. But it shows up how they realize the plan with their own process. And some spider web is the present for you at the finish.



Date: March 2021

Last updated: March 2021