Next up we had to make a little Project ourselfs. We had to use different machines to realise our project. I decided to make a sidetable. I wanted to make something in basic chapes because I used ScetchUp to draw my design. I annoying part was that I had to change my mesurements becaus my first plan was to make it in wood and plexiglass. My surface was planed to be in wood and the stands in yellow plexiglass. At the end I made everything in plexyglass. I used the lasercutter to realise my project because it's fast and precise. I had several problems because when I rescaled in SkechUp the holes in tabletop for the foots narrowed. 

Workingmethod: 1. Draw something in a program 

2. Regroup every part together for the cutting

3. Upload the file onto a USB and open it on the PC for the lasercutter

4. Prioretise first inner parts of your forrm and the the outerparts because otherwise your object falls true


Machine: Lasercutter

Material: Pelxiglass




Date: November 2018

Last updated: 1 year ago