I liked using the 3D printer so I chose to make a thing myself with random objects a forms. I used the free online website 'ThinkerCAD' to make something. I used a dimond shaped form as the socle. On each corner I puted a pillar in a 45° angel. On top of this I placed a round shaped mandala form that looked very nice I thought. My object didn't had any fuctional use. The problem I had wass that the pillars wearn't strong enough to support the top part becaause of it cornershaped form that nozzle moved ths top part. cause of this the basket was not strong enough so I had two parts at the end. It was the fisrt time I designed something myself and printed it out. 

Workingmethod: 1. Open 'ThinkerCAD' and make something in 3D

2. Convert it in the software 'Cura' and make changes if needed

3. Put it on a external memorycard

4. Push the startbutton

5. Cut the excessive socle part  on the eges


Machine: Ultimaker 2+

Material: PEE (yellow)





Date: November 2018

Last updated: 3 years ago