Quad recorder sequencer

Hi! Here is one of the instrument for the PloyBoy project. A common objets orchestra.

As you probably  understood, it is a engine playing simultaneously with four recorders (2 tenor recorder and 2 descant recorder).

It’s arduino-based.

Blowers cases , solenoid’s and flute’s hanging system and a monome are the laser cuted.

And blower’s helix are made with an Ultimaker.

The monome is a very cheap one, very easy to reproduce and can be adapted to other projects.

So if you need more information about that, just ask.

Edit [13/03/2014]:

I added multiple modifications to this project.

- a barrel organ blower (more details in related links)

- home made laser cutted valves, chinese ones was not good.

-finished recorder hanging system 

the aspect this machine yet.

The last problem with this construction reside in factures of air column in the recorder, producing random high tones instead of expected ones.

A simplier way to say that is: the holes of recorder are not well stuffed by solenoids and it sucks!

I don't find a way to resolve that (not including the "buying 40 solenoids for 70$ each" way). So, i will probably rebuild this machine entirely.

The good thing is it produce a lot of noise.

A second thing is the fact that the noise produced come from far spaces and is occasionally untolerable, and that is not necessarily a bad thing when you work on concret experimental music things....

Edit [08/04/2014]:

A short vidéo showing "la sirène" (it's its name) working, enjoy!



Date: December 2013

Last updated: 6 years ago