PISTON KEY RING by gauducheau2000

For our firrst project we had to choose something to introduce us to the 3D-printing machine. We had to choose or make an object  that would take more or less 10min.  We  each chose an small object on the website "Thinngivers" to print. What I learned from this first project was that you can not print in a floating space and so you have to build supports or placle  it in a certain way.  The problem is  that the printer prints layer by layer and so the floating parts  that are not dry or strong enough just fall down.  So it's important to have this in your head when designing something. I just printed the crankshaft because that part only is already around 10 minutes of printing even if it only is about 3,5cm. I have a notch on both sides so the bottompart is not well printed. 

Workingmethod: 1.  Choose a object from 'Thingiverse' or an other website

2.  Download the file and open it in 'Cura' 

3. 'Cura' is a a software that the 3D prineter can read and make changes if needed

4. Download the file on a memorycard and put it in the printer

5. push the startbutton

6. cut the excessive socle part  on the eges

Machine: Ultimaker 2+ and Stacker Double headded

Material: PEE (yellow)



Date: November 2018

Last updated: 1 year ago