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Photogrammetry and 3D printing

by LCA

Idea was to duplicate a sculpture crafted by my wife.

I have used an "how-to" found on Youtube

I have used the "photos" part only (not tested the video to image extraction).

I have used Meshroom to make the initial 3D mesh from the pictures.

Then I have used Blender to clean the mesh and to add a support.

Still to be done due the the COVID-19 stop is the final step -> 3D printing. I am thinking to use a "bronze" filament.

Only some screen copies, the file to be printed is too big for the wiki.

Updated april 2021 (after the 2nd partial lockdown).

Finally, I have 3G printed two different heads, a small one a bigger one.  In order to remove the printing marks, I have "painted" over the the two 3D printed head, some epoxy resine.

I have created two molds one for each heads with silicone. In oder to remove the printig marks, I have "painted" over the

This has allowed me to reproduce the inital head in resine epoxy of various tint. I have also done one in plaster and one in wax.

Now I can do some more experiments, like for instance inclusion of  the plaster head in a block of resine, using the wax head to also inlude (and the remove it later) also in a resine epoxy block to finally have a kind of negative head in a glass box.

Some possibly of improvement:
- creating the positive head to be molded with registry mark to facilitate the later work;
- simpler model with less polygone to facilate the polishing at the later stage.





Date: April 2020

Last updated: May 2021