This page is an archive of iMAL's wiki that operated between 2012 and 2022. It documented projects, residencies and workshops mostly taking place at iMAL's Fablab.

Older & newer Fablab projects are now found at

object sampling

I'm using 3D scanning as a starting point to create new iterations of objects. The objects undergo transformations using parametric tools written in processing.


tPot(); tCup();

A tea set is created by sampling and remixing existing objects using 3D scanning from photographs (via and a custom made processing sketch that works as an interface to manipulate meshes and create ready-to-print files.

Beta Vase

A vase is presented as several 3D printed iterations that were used to test the development of the software written during the generator.x 3.0 workshop.



Date: February 2012

Last updated: February 2012