neo-futurists tools

I come from an spontaneous artistic practice where projects appear during the manipulation of traditional materials. The time working in the studio takes a central place in those projects and the process is a concept on its own.

Coming here and work with new technologies was a big leap in this process so I thought of a way to connect these two ways of working.
I created weird objects, with a blurry timeline. Sorts of neo-futurists tools and imagined an excavation of those tools.

I created these tools on Tinkercad that was easy enough to grasp quickely for I had never used a 3D software before (I only assembled already modeled forms). I then 3D printed them with a PLA plastic that mimic ceramic. 

During the course of the workshop I documented the different steps of the project to include the process of making those tools. Litteraly poping off of the platform of the 3D printer out of nowhere.

I will be using those tools back in the school's studio on raw clay, marking new artefacts. The PLA plastic is not water resistent and i look forward to see how the tools will age as they will be used with humid clay.



Date: March 2021

Last updated: 1 year ago