Kompetron is an installation/marathon performance in which Various Artists takes part in 42 art competitions over a period of two years. The project consists of 42 certificates proving participation in the art competitions. The certificate (Laser engraving on modified acrylic) and the accompanying installation is the only project submitted with each competition.

List of Competitions: Foundwork Artist Prize, YICCA 20/21, International Artist Grand Prize, Boynes Emerging Artist Award, GLOBAL ART AWARDS, CONCOURS D’ART International, Ronse Drawing Prize, LAB 17 ART PRIZE, Arte Laguna Prize, ARTBOX.PROJECT WORLD 1.0, Vantage Point, London Art Biennale 2021, The Frieze Artist Award, VAA Emerging Artists Award 2021, ARTISTS MAGAZINE ANNUAL ART COMPETITION, The Lumen Prize, Sunny Art Prize, Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize, The Way Awards, Aesthetica Art Prize, The Moth Art Prize, The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, International Artist, NordArt Prize, Artistic Excellence Competition, Hopper Prize, Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, Visual Art Open, Art Gemini Prize, Olymp’Arts, Luxembourg Art Prize, Wales Contemporary, FOM, ArtPrize Competition 2022, Contemporary Art Awards, Tallahassee International Juried Competition, F The Art World, COCA Project 2021, Prisma Art Prize.



Date: November 2020 - November 2022

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