Housing and internal support structure for a receiving antenna

The goal was to create a support structure for the elements constituting an antenna able to receive signals from C-band radar imaging satellites (Sentinel-1A/B, RadarSat 2, Envisat, ERS-2, ...). Besides the actual antenna elements, the antenna also consists in the down-conversion mixers, various filters, power splitters, power supply electronics and monitoring sensors.

The internal support structure is made out of 5mm plexiglas elements that slide, interpenetrate and are hooked together. These support were prototyped in 3mm MDF and were drawn using OpenSCAD. Plexiglas is necessary as the antenna has to sit outside thus in a relatively humid environment in which MDF "soften" and loose its shape.

The support structure fits on a base plate that is made of Trespa. The base plate indeed has to carry the weight of the support structure and the weight of the external housing in an environment that can be quite windy and exhibit large temperature variations, hence Trespa. The Trespa plate was milled on the CNC using a 2 flutes 3mm mill, at a feed speed of 25mm/s, rotation speed 4 and passes of 2mm.

As for the use of the antenna, the interested reader is refered to the links to the right.



Date: August 2015 - August 2017

Last updated: 4 years ago