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by LCA

Idea was to go from an image to a 3D print.
I had a tee-shirt with the Gruss'circus logo. I found the horse quite interesting to be used for various things and certainly o to have a 3D horse based on it.

I have scanned the tee-shirt, cleaned the scan with Photoshop and then created the outline of the horse in Inkscape.

Then using the great tutorial of Grant Abbitt,
- (the full channel) and
- (low-poly animal modelling),

I have modelled the horse.

Finally I was able to print it.

Unfortunately with small hick-up during the printing, but easily corrected later with epoxy resin.

Now I have learned many thing with the project and I am the proud owner of my own little horse 3D printed.

I am thinking to re-create the full logo :-)




Date: January 2020 - April 2021

Last updated: May 2021