FALT- Lignes de faille

by retake7

 I m working on several kind of special drawing on earth flat and earthquake the name of the project is "Lignes de Faille or Falt". 

"Falt project" is a number of drawing made out of paper, gold and electronics. In this workshop I discovered other material that I wanted to explore in the same way.

The idea is to represent the falt in a geological situation. The Line carved or shown by gold are the height of the surface on earth, the flat is represented with light. 

This project is in between two kind of drawing, average lines like we could find in a common drawing and electronic circuit lines that bring electricity to the component. 

I m trying to make volumetric electronic circuit with wood for instance or plexiglas. The idea is to focus on special lines on earth that kills. 

Thanx a lot to Capac Robert for his help on 3D and the Imal Team




Date: February 2012

Last updated: 8 years ago