This page is an archive of iMAL's wiki that operated between 2012 and 2022. It documented projects, residencies and workshops mostly taking place at iMAL's Fablab.

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DWI Modular

DW.I : Modular by Felix Luque Sanchez

The system is composed of 10 rhombic dodecahedrons, geometrical objects part of the family of ┬źSpace-filling polyhedra┬╗: shapes that can be assembled to generate a tessellation of an infinite space. These forms act as the building blocks for a sculpture generator. 

To assemble then, the artist has developed an electronic magnetic connector, which enables all possible combinations, connecting the 10 units using any of the 12 faces of each polyhedron.  

All parts have been made at iMAL fablab using laser cutter, cnc milling, 3d printing and a lathe. 





FabLab residency

Date: October 2014

Last updated: November 2014