D.W.I Clones

DWI: Clones by Felix Luque Sanchez

Clones are represented as identical mechanical machines (inverted pendulums), that using human behaviors, fuzzy logic, drift to find endlessness equilibrium. 

“Clones” uses two identical inverted pendulums: based in a motorized mechanical system, the pendulums are mounted with the pivot point on a cart that moves horizontally. This movement makes the pendulum swing, and once the pendulum rotates to its inverted vertical point, an algorithm takes control of the movement of the cart and tries to find equilibrium against gravity. The artist explores the expressiveness of the system, using human size heavy pendulums, capable of generating enough inertia to generate self-rotation. He also tries to humanize the system in a game of failures and successes. 

The project has been developed and produce using iMAL fablab



FabLab residency

Date: October 2014

Last updated: 7 years ago