Digital picture frame

An old style frame with a computer. A slideshow controled by a Raspberry Pi.


Design a box, add holes : for the screen, for the ventilation, and to access some wire.

Think also on the back plate to adjust the fixing for the screen. On most screen there is a Vesa norm, here it's 4 holes for 3mm screw, space on a 10cm square.

A little painting is also welcome

You can now customize the front plate. Here I used an old doorframe. I cutted it to fit the exact size of the screen layout.

Use an angle saw to perfectly match the layout.

Then glue it.

There are many way to finish the aspect of the wooden frame. Here I fill the little hole and I polish the wood.

For the screen I program a Raspberry Pi to make a slideshow on the screen.

I made some custom fixation on the back of the screen to hide the Raspberry Pi, other fixations to maintain and hide the cables and the power.


Then fit eveything in the box, screw, connect, solder and Tadam :



Date: October 2013

Last updated: 8 years ago