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The Cross Lantern

This lantern is a representation of my origin. I decided to work on this project because of the recent events that happened at the end of 2020.

To be more concrete I am talking about the conflict in Artsakh, where more than 13.000 young peoples have died. In this context, the candle is a representation of mourning and remembering, meanwhile, the ornaments that are decorating the candles are referencing this particular conflict.


While the ornaments on this lantern are practiced and mastered as a profession in Armenia for more than 4000 years to be carved and engraved on clay tablets and cross-stones. The material this lantern is made out of material that is largely used in modern industry nowadays. 

This project has more of a sentimental and personal value to me because of its background. It can be also referenced to the mass annihilation and destruction of cultural objects, buildings, and ruins of Armenia and Artsakh and the reproduction of it can represent the hope and survival of those cultural traits and the further expansion of its creation.



Date: January 2021

Last updated: January 2021