Creation of templates in Plexiglas

When I decided to participate to a Fablab workshop organised by the academy of visual arts in Molenbeek, I really didn't know what it was about. Keen to learn, I tought it was a perfect opportunity. When I arrived on fifth of march, I was impressed by the explanation of the artwork performed by Felix Luque, our teacher for the day. Trying to see what this could bring to my own work as a painter, I thought about creating templates which I could use as a reminder in several of my paintings.

The next day, I came back with my idea in my head but with no clue about how to make it happen. I could count on the support of Felix and of my fellows 'students' among which some were much more knowlegable than me with the softwares to be used. They helped me to install and to use Inkscape and Freecad. This was a premiere for me ... and I really liked it.

I realized two templates: one in each system. With Felix, I choose a support in Plexiglas and we used the lazer cutter to produce the peaces.


After the session, I brought the two template to the academy in order to make tests: with spray cans (street art) and with oil painting. The results were not optimal. The reason being that the plexi was too large and the painting was leaking which did not gave the expected result. Next time (after confinment), I should try with wood or a thiner plexi.

I decided that I should try something else with my templates and used common drawing pencils on a sheet of paper and it worked perfectly well.  I found a usage for my plexi after all:-)

During my session at the fablab, I also tried to laser cut a drawing on a jeans. The jeans was so burned that it ended up with a huge hole and no drawing on it. You cannot be always succesful;-), I 3D printed a manga caracter (still waiting for me at the lab, I hope) and recuperated a laser printed wood which I oil painted afterwards.

It was a very interesting, usefull and very fun experience. Many thanks to the fablab team for this. I hope that the workshop can continue after the confinement period.





Date: March 2020

Last updated: 2 years ago