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Candle holder & little stamp

During the workshop I made two pieces. In attachment you can find some pictures of them.

The first one is a trial for candle holder. 3D printing allows me to make a quick model to check how the candle holder will look like in real life. I noticed that the model was a bit too small so in the end I will have to make it again and a bit bigger. If it were the right size I could use the 3D printed model to produce a plaster mould in which I can slip cast the eventual candle holder.

The second piece I 3D printed is a little stamp I now use every week to mark the pieces I make in the atelier. It consists of an abbreviation of my name in mirror. Like this I can mark everything in a quick and efficient way.


I really liked the workshop. I already knew how to 3D model stuff but it is the first time I design and print something myself. A big thanks to the people of iMal for the nice experience.



Date: April 2016

Last updated: April 2016