Adjustable Paper Holding Implement

This implement is designed to hold a piece of paper in an upright position in order to present its content to the viewer. It is created out of simple shapes that give it a minimalist look and several different techniques are used throughout the creation process.

The concept consists out of a cylinder with a slit designed to hold a piece of paper. The cylinder rests in a box which allows it to be placed at different angles.

The first prototype is a scale model made out of wood using a lasercutter. Because of the limitations of a lasercutter the cylinder is made out of slices of wood.

 The next prototype is a 3D printed model. 3D printing alows me to create the cylinder as one whole piece but on the other hand it does take a long time to print.  

lastly I wanted to create a full scale version. The box is cut out of a block of wood using a cnc router and the cylinder is made using a laser cutter.

  • Box: 190mm x 850mm x 30mm
  • Cylinder: ⌀50mm

This version uses supports to hold up the paper and a small support to hold up the larger support. The small support isn't necessary because the friction between the cylinder and the base is enough.



Date: January 2021

Last updated: 1 year ago