3D Printed Molds -- Ice radiator!

The objective of this project was to make an 'ice radiator' based on a 3D printed model.

The obvious solution is to make a silicone mold around a 3D object. I had not to much experience with that process and I didn't want to waste expensive silicone for testing; furthermore the size of the object made it difficult to print, the Mendel 90 eventually gave up after long hours of printing...


Next step was to print molds in PLA:

It was looking good, but unfortunately the mold is too rigid and we could not get the ice out of the mold!

Then we discovered the 'Soft PLA' which is less rigid than the regular one. It is not that flexible, but being very cautius it was then possible to unmold the ice -- not the whole radiator, but component by component:


All assembled, this gives us the final result:




Date: May 2014

Last updated: 8 years ago