Smooth ABS print with Acetone

First of all, you have to read carrefully about Acetone. It's a really unhealthy and dangerous product. Avoid contact with your skin and never breath it.

They are many way to smooth ABS printing with Acetone but here, I explain an easy and secure method.

You need :

  • Acetone
  • An old electric drip coffee maker
  • a metal wire
  • a sheet of aluminium

About the electric drip coffee maker : use it as an heating device for liquid. It can be partially broken. You only need the warmer plate and the carafe.

Bend the metal wire to make a circle and keep a part of the wire to make an handle. Then warp the aluminium sheet around the circle.

Lay your ABS print on it.

Then pour a small amount of Acetone in the carafe.

Manipulate the aluminium bed with the handle and place it in the bottom of the carafe and put the carafe on the warmer plate of the coffee maker and switch it on.

The Acetone is heating and after a few minutes you should see an Acetone fog.

Watch your ABS print and let it in the fog till the ABS print is smooth.

Then switch off and remove the print. Take care and use the handle to avoid contact with Acetone.

Don't touch your print directly, wait a little otherwise you'll see your fingerprints on the object.

Results varies in function of the heating time and the amount of Acetone. So always try some test to achieve a good result.

I put some closeup photos to see before and after.


Difficulty: ●●●○○


Last updated: 7 years ago