Create a box

This is a simple software to create the layout of each face of a box. It's BoxCreator , it's a processing code so you need the processing software and also a processing library as described in the link

As you start the software. You have a nice screen with a box.

You have some setting to adjust.

First choose the material thickness, then the 3 size of the box. You see the effect of those parameters.

To see the effect of the pressfit parameter you have to switch the view by pressing the "c" touch on your keyboard.

You can finalize your box by pressing the "spacebar" key. It generate a pdf file.

If you want to add holes or other personalization, you can then edit that file with another software like Illustrator.

You can then print it with the LaserCutter.

And then assemble it. Glue is needed to maintain everything.



Difficulty: ●○○○○


Last updated: 9 years ago