2D drawing software / tools (to use with the laser cuter and the CNC)

2D vector drawing

Gear/pulley librairy 

  • Step one: Goto SDPSI (as an example) and click on a specific L timing pulley part number. (https://sdp-si.com/eStore/Catalog/Group/346#)
  • Click on STC parts link and “download 3D models”.
  • On new tab, select file format “step,  .stp”
  • Let the internal website software convert the file for you (takes 30 seconds) and click download
  • Open the downloaded zip file containing a stp file, such as “a_6a_4-10df05016.stp”
  • Open freecad and open the step file
  • On the lefthand side, click the part name under “unnamed”
  • Under the help menu there is a submenu selection tool.  Select “Mesh Design” and the top menu will change to include “Meshes.”
  • Select mesh > create mesh from geometry, and leave the value at 0.1 on the next screen.  Hit enter.
  • Now on the left hand side, click “mesh”
  • On the meshes menu, select export mesh.  Select “Binary STL.”
  • You can now process this with Slicer, Tinkercad, Sketchup (with import library included on this site).
  • Print free parts!!

Box generator

Online : http://www.makercase.com/

Pattern generator 

3D from 2D layout

3D like with 2D

Wood joints for CNC milled furnitures

 50 joints that you can download freely here : http://www.flexiblestream.org/Digital-Wood-Joints-001.php

Nesting software

Nesting software is a category of software that optimises the position of your drawing. It can place multiple different forms in an efficient way.

A free online tool is SVGnest



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