Nicolas Le Beuan Bénic captures all marvellous ordinary moments in visual art where nature are his main source of inspiration. He likes to discover the essence of the structure of a plant. The visual art of this spontaneous and epicurean artist have the same effect as visiting a botanical garden. A minimal and peaceful atmosphere that we embrace thanks to végétal simplicity. Experiment continuously. Practice a figuration, sometimes tending toward abstraction. Employs a very soft palette in touch with three major color, the green of course, a deep red and a lot of différents whites. His artwork navigate between figuration and abstraction. Like Matisse or Ellsworth Kelly drawing, he search the simplicity of nature alive. This is not nature perfection which attracts Nicolas but instead plants accidents: this leaf weakened more than another or flowers who are never really symmetrical. Each garden is for him a true museum of modern art. "Painting and photography are my enjoyment of happiness. Each beach is a fascinating life scene. It keep me in present time, a time of contemplation.»
 It retrieves the illumination of the ordinaries days. his quest and his work are to discover the wonder in a daily botanical life. Nicolas Le Beuan Bénic opened his own gallery in 1997 in Brussels. he opened in 2006 its new personal gallery on the Mont des Arts, in the europeen capital, Brussels. "I photograph plant for more than 20 years now, it’s one of the first step to my paintings. Thanks to this personal database that I realized these past years i created my own digital garden. In my paintings I try to simplify and epure my work so i really enjoyed to superimpose, adding and identify my most beautiful plants models in photography "


personal gallery on the Mont des Arts, in the europeen capital, Brussels.

Coudenberg 68

1000 Brussels





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