Julien Deswaef

Regular iMAL's {workshop|event|exhibition} {attendee|organizer|participant}, this is my iMAL log:

Workshops attended:

  1. 3D Game for Art by Julian Oliver
  2. Atelier d'Art Numérique by Emmanuel Lestienne
  3. ShiftSpace workshop by David Nolen and Dan Phiffer
  4. Openframeworks by Zach Lieberman & Arthuro Castro
  5. Social Media Interventionist Tactics by Gordan Savicic
  6. Generative.X 3.0 by Marius Watz

Workshops given:

  1. Blender + Oculus hands-on workshop


  1. Generator.x 3.0 : from code to atoms
  2. Internet Yami-Ichi 5
  3. Iterations #2: I don't know where this is going 


Julien Deswaef

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